Synthetic golf grass is the new green you might be seeing next time you’re hitting the greens. Just imagine all the time, effort, and money that golf courses put into maintaining that perfect lawn for golfers. Synthetic golf grass is being chosen by more and more golf courses as an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and practical alternative to grass. There are numerous synthetic grass varieties to choose from that can look and feel as authentic as the real thing.

Reasons to Opt for Synthetic Golf Grass

Golf grass requires even more maintenance than regular grass, as it has to look perfect and be perfectly uniform for golfers. With synthetic golf grass, the amount of money that would be saved on water costs alone would be staggering. Most synthetic grass varieties range in price, from $2.00 to $3.00/square foot. While that would obviously be a large cost upfront for the large surface area of the majority of golf courses, that cost would more than pay for itself in water costs alone.

Not having to mow the golf course is another huge perk for golf courses. Less water consumption and additional savings in fertilizer and weed killers are also eco-friendly changes as there is less of these items in run-off to sewers and water systems. With less maintenance on lawn care, golf course maintenance will have more time to devote to other sources of greenery like foliage, trees, and flowers.

Accessibility and Flexibility of Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is not just a popular option for golf courses, but also for residential and commercial properties, playgrounds, public areas, athletic fields, and pet applications.

Most grass stores offer free in-store pick up, nationwide delivery, and installation services. Many grass companies also offer synthetic grass samples to ensure golf course owners select the right style and look for its application.

When it comes time to make that switch from real grass to synthetic golf grass, that change should be embraced as a reflection of the many current trends toward eco-friendly maintenance choices. Not only is synthetic golf grass eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance, it looks and feels the part to satisfy even the finickiest of golfers.