A fence around any property, especially a home or business, can provide a first line of security and an added sense of safety to its occupants and to the property itself. A fence can also be installed to prevent children, the elderly, or pets from moving beyond the safety boundaries of the property. In order to maximize the strength and integrity of the fence installed, it is important to have the fence installed by a fence contractor.

Why the need for a fence contractor?

Security and safety are the most critical aspects of fencing, and so it is important that the installation of the fence be done by a professional who has experience and expertise in installing fences. An expert fencer will help ensure that the fence can withstand both natural and human elements that might threaten its strength and thus make it ineffective in its capacity to protect.

A fencing contractor is also required to help ensure that the area for fence installation is safe for the purpose. A safety assessment is conducted that includes ensuring there are no gas, electrical or water pipes that can be an obstacle to the proper installation of the fence. The contractor will also ensure that the fence installed fence will not weaken the integrity of potentially dangerous electrical or gas pipes. If necessary, a licensed contractor would be able to safely cover or bypass any possible dangers or advise the client of the overall possibility of erecting a fence. Fence companies can also supply clients with additional information they might need to legally erect a fence, including any local permit requirements.

What kind of fence?

A qualified fence contractor is able to work with a range of fencing materials, including metal wire mesh, timber and brick. Each of these materials have specific qualities that the contractor can advise for the purpose, location and space intended. For instance, timber is favored for its excellent ability to provide windbreaks. Timber is also a versatile material for achieving a variety of styles such as latticework and slatted designs. Wire mesh fencing is a popular option used by fencing companies for erecting commercial property and farm fences. Brick fencing is also used when extra durability and safety are required.

Does a contractor need to be licensed?

Yes, they do. In most states, a fence contractor is among a range of contractors that need a license to operate legally. Apart from being a legal necessity, a licensed contractor has the benefit of potential clients knowing that they are recognized, after proper assessment, as a professional and expert in their field. They have to obtain a license from the Contractor’s State License Board to be properly licensed.