Most small business owners are strapped for money, which makes hiring a business lawyer somewhat of an afterthought. In fact, most owners only hire an attorney when they face a legal problem. On face value, this action makes sense, but the truth is a business attorney can help a small business in more ways than you can imagine. The following are a few situations where a lawyer will be helpful, which may prevent a problem.

Help With Asking the Right Questions

One problem that a small business owner can face is a lawsuit from an employee or even an applicant. Lawsuits involving discriminatory remarks or actions are common, but they are preventable. This is why you should at least consult with your lawyer so that you are aware of all discriminatory laws. For example, it is illegal to ask an employee or an applicant if he or she is planning on getting pregnant soon. A good example of how you can use a lawyer is to simply write up a list of questions you want to ask an applicant. The lawyer can review them to ensure no violations are committed.

Avoid Signing a Bad Contract

There are several online sources that can help you write up a contract between you and a vendor. The sources usually detail the steps clearly enough, though you can always have your lawyer do this for you. It is always a good idea to have a consultation with a lawyer regarding the contract so that he or she can go over it and ensure that it is okay to sign. This is a good way to avoid loopholes that might cost you later.

These are just two things that a good lawyer can help you with, though there are other more pressing issues when the services of a lawyer are inevitable, such as a lawsuit or if local or state entities are investigating your business for violations. It is always wise to keep a qualified business lawyer close by your side; this will make sure you have someone to fight for you if you ever need it.