Boxing is one of the most effective exercises for losing weight, building strength, and achieving overall body fitness. The good news is that this sport does not require a lot of equipment. You do, however, need the right boxing gear to maximize your performance and protect yourself. Make the most of your workout by learning the types of boxing gear you need.

Boxing Gloves

A good pair of boxing gloves are a boxer’s best tools. They not only protect your hands during exercise and sparring sessions, they also protect your sparring partner. Gloves are sold based on size, which is shown in ounces. They are chosen based on the boxer’s height and weight. A 150-lb., 5’7″ boxer, for example, will likely chose from a 16oz. to a 20oz. size gloves.

Boxing gloves are classified according to type – bag gloves, sparring gloves, cardio gloves, training gloves, fighting/pro gloves, and kick boxing gloves. These gloves are designed to meet the needs of a boxer based on the specific type of training that he/she wants to undergo.

Punching Bag

A good punching bag is mandatory for safe and proper training. It will help develop your skills and provide you with enough resistance for better striking. In general, there are two types of punching bags that will be a perfect addition to your list of boxing gear – free standing and hanging. Free standing bags are easy to move around while hanging bags require a strong beam or stand to support its weight. It does, however, provide a better training option for helping develop speed, accuracy, and timing.

Boxing Headgear

While not a necessity for boxers who are training on their own, it isĀ  a requirement for those who intend to participate in sparring sessions. Headgear protects your head from extreme force. The type of headgear you choose will vary depending on the type of training you wish to have and your skills as a boxer. Headgear varies in the amount of protection it offers, particularly in the thickness of the padding and the area of the face they protect.