When building a new home, there are some features worth considering even you think you might not need them. At some point you might consider selling your home, and if the bells and whistles are already in place, your home’s value could increase, and it could sell faster. If you are thinking about building a new home, consider the following must have features when building a new home.

Ample Indoor Storage

Many homes have a generous walk-in closet in the master suite, and closets in other bedrooms, but there always a need for more storage space. An indoor walk-in storage room can handle extra linens, large counter top appliances, folding chairs and all of those items that homeowners may not use everyday, but are best kept in the house.

Well-designed Outdoor Living Space

Gone are the days when people are content sitting on folding chairs on a small concrete patio. Covered decks and patios, fire pits and outdoor kitchens give families outdoor entertaining options that can be used almost year-around in warmer climates.

Over-sized Garages

What good is a garage if you fill it with stuff, and park your cars outside? Unfortunately, that’s what many homeowners do. An over-sized garage provides adequate space for vehicles, but is also large enough for cabinets, shelves and floor-space to store items along the walls, but out of the way.

Upstairs Laundry Room

When all of the bedrooms are upstairs, it makes no sense to drag clothes downstairs to wash them. An upstairs laundry room makes it easy to wash, fold and put clothes away without several trips up and down the stairs.

Home Office

A home office is a useful space for any home. Many homes have open living areas, so it may be hard to find a space for reading and other tasks that require quiet. A home office provides a peaceful place to return phone calls, study, or to run a home-based business.

Wiring to Support Smart Technology

Smart electronics like televisions mounted on walls above fireplaces need cords and wires to connect the units to receivers and other components. Wiring rooms for electronics and smart technology during building keeps cables and connectors neat and safely out of sight and makes it easier to install new systems.