We rely on our homes to keep us safe and sheltered. An invasion of creepy crawlies can make us feel unsettled and vulnerable. While living in the northern part of the United States means that many bugs and pests die off during the winter, there are still plenty to deal with. Infestations can impact not only people, but landscaping and your home itself. Pest control can free you from worry and added expense due to damage done by insects and rodents.


Home pest control can include ridding the landscaping, such as grass and fruit trees, from damaging pests. Lawns can be damaged by insects or fungi, all of which are treatable. Fruit trees can be invaded by moths and aphids, which can affect fruit yields and the overall health of the tree. Some trees can be affected by diseases that need more extensive treatment to protect the health of the tree.


Insects around the foundations of a home often migrate into the house. Pests such as spiders, ants, and earwigs can be treated at the foundation level to avoid infestation inside the home. Many insect and arachnid pests are not harmful to humans but some are. They can infest food, making it inedible.


Rodents can include mice and voles. Voles resemble mice but are stouter and have smaller eyes and ears. Often they are referred to as field mice. Mice and voles can nibble their way into stored food and damage storage containers, even if they are not used for food. Bad infestations can include nests and nests equal baby mice and voles. To avoid infestation, treatment must begin as soon as possible.


While Idaho gets cold, it doesn’t kill off termites. Many people can have termites and believe they just have an ant problem. It is important that dwellings be examined for termites if an infestation is suspected. Termite damage can be expensive and time consuming to repair, so early detection is crucial. It is vital that you protect your family, yard, home, sheds, and garage from pests. Proper home pest control will help you avoid expensive reconstruction, repairs, and mitigate health issues caused by pests.