An estimated 40 percent of US homes now use LED lighting, and many of those have eliminated the old fashioned light bulb altogether. It’s no surprise that LED lighting is increasing in popularity, as this type of lighting has several big advantages.

The most obvious advantage for most homeowners and companies is the increased efficiency. The typical LED light bulb can last for around 11 years, even when being used continuously, as opposed to a traditional light bulb which you can expect to have to replace after about 1,000 hours of use. A building that uses thousands of light bulbs can soon enjoy huge savings on their energy bill, as well as savings in the cost of replacing the bulbs regularly. LED lights can be switched on and off repeatedly, without affecting the emission of light, and unlike more traditional lighting, they can brighten up instantly when switched on.

LED lighting is also a lot more environmentally friendly, something which is increasingly important to many of us. LED lights are completely recyclable, don’t contain any toxic chemicals and emit virtually no harmful UV emissions. And we all know how easy it is to smash a traditional light bulb – LED bulbs are much more durable, and can withstand vibrations and shocks. This durability makes them the ideal choice for outdoor lighting, or for use in environments in which dependability is key. LED bulbs can also be sued effectively in very cold or very hot environments.

And LED lighting isn’t just reliable, functional and cost effective – it looks good too. An LED lighting system is able to be focused more accurately to illuminate a specific location, and the amount of light and color can be closely regulated to easily create a specific effect or mood. School classrooms and airports are just two environments where LED lighting is making a huge difference. Whether you are looking for the best lighting for your living room, outdoor space or office, or whether you want brighter lights on your Christmas tree, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect LED lighting at the right price.