When purchasing a new home, one of the first steps is an inspection. A home inspection will help you know the important things that any buyer needs to know before signing a purchase agreement. While the seller is obligated to disclose certain information concerning the condition of the residence, the purchaser must do their part by performing an inspection. Home buyers and sellers rely on inspectors to inform them of the condition. Inspectors cover all aspects from the roof, to the plumbing, electrical, and they even perform a crawl space inspection. Homes with crawl spaces require inspections because that is where you might find some of the most severe damage.

The crawl space of a home gives access to many important parts of a home from plumbing and electrical aspects to foundation issues. The foundation of a home is one of the key aspects that must be inspected during the course of a home sale. Not only is the foundation important, the wood construction of the home and it’s condition can be evaluated with a crawl space inspection.

Often inspections of a crawl space can reveal problems from leaking pipes and frayed wires to foundation issues such as cracks in the foundation or even wood issues such a termites or other wood boring insects. The many aspects of a home inspection start with the foundation and end with the roof. Houses need to be inspected inside and out.

When looking for a professional to inspect a potential property you’d like to purchase be sure to check their credentials. Home inspectors are registered with local and state agencies. They are required to be up to date on a laws and codes regarding the contraction and sale of home. When they inspect the crawl space, home inspectors are looking at every inch of the building.

The job of a home inspector is a unique one. It requires knowledge of both laws and construction codes. Often, inspectors come from a work history in the contraction industry and know exactly what to look for when examining a building. Be it a home, a business, or a garage, the local inspector should be one of the first people you contact. Inspectors insure that building codes are followed. The crawl space inspection is an essential part of every home inspection.